Reserving a flight

Airline Reservations Agent Demo Release

I’ve just released my third game to IndieDB called Airline Reservations Agent. This is a light, web-based simulation about reserving flights for callers in the 1960s. The main components of the game are a console with lots of buttons and a wooden box full of route cards. A tutorial is included in the game to […]

CTC Dispatcher's Panel

Railroad Dispatcher on Indie DB

I’ve just added my second game, Railroad Dispatcher, to Indie DB. This is an enjoyably-paced, web-based game based on real-life dispatchers working Centralized Traffic Control (CTC) panels for their railroad. For those of you unfamiliar with CTC, here is an image of the real thing: I’ve played around with this idea for about a year […]

Drupal Views snippet

To Framework or Not To Framework

So this post is really just a mess of thoughts and questions that have been erupting out of my cranium the last few months or so, as I’ve dealt with decisions on using different platforms and technologies for different projects. Unfortunately, I don’t think I’ve come up with any answers yet, but getting this out […]

In the Zone on My Laptop

Like a Glove – A Coder’s Tools

In the Zone You’ve felt it before. You’re a coder, and you are in the zone. Not just mentally, but physically as well. Your fingers fly across the keyboard, producing lines of logic as fast as you can think them. Key combinations and shortcuts are activated without a second thought. You feel at one with […]