Local 1 Class Diagram Revisited

I’ve started another take on the class diagram for the new version of Local 1. My aim is to keep this is as simpleĀ as possible, yet remain flexible and robust. A few notes on the diagram:

  • The Aircraft class exists as a parent to derived classes such as Airplane, Helicopter, LighterThanAir, etc.
  • ATC is an abstract class to allow for AI and human-controlled ATC.
  • Notice that both Vehicles and ATC implement the Radio interface. The Radio interface will layout methods for transmitting, receiving, logging and so forth.
  • The FrequencyManager will be created by the session and will handle routing transmissions to their intended receivers.

This is a 30,000ft view of just the ATC, Vehicle and associated classes. Expect me to drill down into these classes and add other class diagrams (environment, equipment, etc.) soon.

ATC and Vehicle Classes
ATC and Vehicle Classes

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