PayPal, ASP.NET and PDT

I am working on a client’s site, which requires subcribing to a newsletter via PayPal. Other requirements include:

  • The site lives within the DotNetNuke content management system
  • A custom DNN module must be written with C# and ASP.NET to handle post-processing of the transaction data

After reading through the documentation at PayPal’s developer site, I thought I had a handle on how to write the code. I was wrong, and thankfully several forums and a handy tool later, the code appeared to be working (although I was consitently getting a FAIL response from PayPal’s PDT interface). After scouring the docs and forums again for a solution to the FAIL problem, I finally realized that maybe the reason for the FAIL was that the payment was not going through.

I’m testing this process within PayPal’s sandbox, so I went into the settings to find out if I had set something wrong. And of course I did. I had previously set up a few accounts manually, obviously not quite understanding how to get everything setup properly. The email addresses were not verified, for one thing. Luckily, PayPal has an option to setup preconfigured buyer and seller accounts.

PayPal Sandbox
PayPal Sandbox

After I setup a couple of preconfigured accounts, everything worked beautifully. I’ve never seen this mentioned in any of the forums, so hopefully, this will be what some of you are looking for.

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