Virtual Coca-Cola for Your Virtual Thirst

Back in 2007, Coca-Cola held a contest to see who could design the best virtual Coca-Cola machine for their corporate presence in the world of Second Life. I had only dabbled in that world, but I’m a Coca-Cola addict and I thought it was a fun idea.

Coke wanted entries to capture the essence of the brand: refreshment, joy, unity and experience. So I set to brainstorming for a machine that would encompass those ideals. Using RayDream3D (I hadn’t used Blender much yet) and Paint Shop Pro, I created a storyboard to convey my vision.

Coke scene 01
Approaching the Coke machine
Coke scene 02
Make a gesture to activate
Coke scene 03
The Coca-Cola sign illuminates
Coke scene 04
Bottle dispenses a wide spray dome
Coke scene 05
Projectors extend around bottle
Coke scene 06
World map is projected onto spray dome
Coke scene 07
Bubble dispensers extend and activate
Coke scene 08
Player points finger through a country on the dome
Coke scene 09
Projectors overlay flag of activated country on dome
Coke scene 10
Individual bubbles show scenes from selected country
Coke scene 11
Player selects another country
Coke scene 12
Flag of newly selected country is projected onto dome
Coke scene 13
Bubbles now show scenes from both countries