Charity Tree – From Idea to Implementation: Brainstorm

Continuing on with fleshing out my idea, we are going to look at “From Idea to Implementation” from Getting Real. This process will span several posts as we brainstorm, sketch, mockup and code.

From Idea to Implementation


Brainstorming is about ignoring the details and looking at the product from a bird’s eye view. Let’s just think about what the app is going to do at a high level. Too many times we can get wrapped up in things like, “How am I going to accomplish this part?” and “Do I know how to do what I’m thinking?” Forget about that and just focus on the end user experience.

Here is what this app going to do:

  1. Accept applications from clients and donors
  2. Match clients with donors
  3. Create and send gifting cards
  4. Track gifts

I have more ideas and more details, but they can wait. If the app doesn’t accomplish these four things, it will not be useful. We will be using this list along with the points made in “What’s the Big Idea?” to make sure we stay on track.

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